Instructors & Yudansha

Fred Springer Sensei - 7th Dan Shihan & Founder

In 1958 Fred Springer began his martial arts training studying Judo in Burlington, Ontario under Masatoshi (Bill) Umetsu (Rokudan) at Seikeikan. Umetsu sensei was considered an expert in ground work. He was also one of the original founders of Judo Canada. After 10 years of training and competition Springer Sensei started teaching Judo at Seikeikan in 1967 until 1979.

Umetsu sensei had an interest in Aikido and frequently taught Aikido techniques to his students. In 1984 Springer Sensei began his study of Aikido under Kimeda Sensei (8th Dan). He was awarded his Shodan in 1993, Nidan in 2004, Sandan in 2007 and Yondan in 2012, and Go Dan (5th dan) in 2015 and in 2019 was awarded Roku (6th Dan) by Yasuhisa Shioda Soke.   In March of 2024 Springer sensei was awarded the rank of 7th Dan, and the title of Shihan by the SIAF and Shioda Soke.

Springer Sensei has also studied Iaido and Jodo, and is a retired Elementary School Principal and is also an amateur radio operator, VE3KYD and VE3EE.

Joe Petrovich - Founder

Joe Petrovich Sensei, started Aikido in 1974 under Kushida Sensei. In 1975 he was introduced to Takeshi Kimeda Sensei and Mitsugoro Karasawa Sensei and trained with them regularly when in the Toronto area. In 1980 after completing post-graduate work at the University of Windsor Petrovich sensei returned to Hamilton, Ontario and helped to establish the Hamilton Yoshinkai Aikido Club at the Hamilton Japanese Cultural Center with Kimeda Sensei.

The first visit in 1980 by Master Gozo Shioda,(founder of the Yoshinkai School of Aikido), to North America had an immeasurable and profound effect on his study of Aikido. As well He traveled to Japan in 1990 to practice at the Hombu dojo. In 1990, in order to further and deepen training, took the opportunity to study Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido under Goyo Ohmi Sensei for several years. In 1995 at the urging of Fred Springer Sensei the Oakville Aikido Club was established and this blossomed into the Seikeikan Yoshinkai Aikido Dojo.   March of 2024 also marks Petrovich Sensei's 50th year in teaching and training in Yoshinkan Aikido.  

On a personal note, Sensei Petrovich believes we should study Aikido with a child's uninhibited sense of wonder and curiosity completely void of ego. 

Danny Conte Sensei - Dojo-cho

Danny has been practising and studying Japanese martial arts since he was a teenager.  His budo journey started with Gojo-Ryu karate and then later in life discovering Yoshinkan Aikido.  Danny has been practising at Seikeikan for over 20 years, and received his Shodan in 2008 including AYF and SIAF teaching licenses. Danny was awarded Yondan in 2018 signed by Yasuhisa Shioda Soke, son of Gozo Shioda.  Danny has enjoyed training and teaching at Seikeikan from his first day on the mats when Sensei Springer asked him to "grab his wrist".  From that day Danny has been part of Seikeikan,  and has guided many students in finding their own budo path.  Danny has trained all over Ontario, BC and in Japan, often serving as Sensei Springer's uke for his gradings and demonstrations.   In 2021 Sensei Springer asked Danny to take the role of Dojo-cho and chief instructor.

Supporting Instructors

Sasha M - Yondan 

Scott H - Yondan 

Seikeikan Yudansha

Our Senior blackbelt ranked students (Yudansha) are all Japan certified and qualified Yoshinkai Aikido instructors, who are authorized to register students grading with the Shioda International Aikido Federation (SIAF) in Tokyo Japan.

Godan (5th degree) : Kerry N , Webb T , Dave B,

Yondan (4th degree): Danny, Sasha, Scott

Sandan (3rd degree): Oleg K, Dennis P,  Erica F 

Nidan (2nd degree): Dina, Artem, Galina G, MarioH - 2nd Dan

Shodan (1st Degree):  Gord, DavidD, Stephen,James, Michelle,Natasha,WappelR, Raddic