Kids & Families

Classes at Seikeikan are a fun and exciting way for kids of all ages to learn Aikido. Aikido is a different martial art which is fundamentally different than other arts in that kids learn to co-operate rather than compete.

Kids learn through a series of exercises and games which teach the fundamentals of Yoshinkan Aikido. Body and hand-eye coordination are key benefits!

Tumbling, and basic Aikido controls are taught in a safe and friendly environment. Parents are welcome to join their kids on the mat!

Come out and try a class! Kids should be between the ages of 6 and 11, and wear gym type clothing preferably track pants rather than shorts.

Parents: Why Aikido?

Aikido is a martial art based on balance and timing rather than muscular strength. Kids can learn to deal with aggression and bullying simply and effectively though Aikido.

Aikido does Not create a 'better bully'

in many cases teaching kids and youth to 'fight' and to 'spar' promotes the use of punching and kicking as an appropriate response. Aikido does not provide the tools to attack, only to defend, and defense is taught by allowing everyone to experience both sides of a situation (ie) applying the defense method and receiving the defense method.

How Does Aikido compare to Karate / TaeKwonDo?

Aikido does not compare to Karate or TaeKwonDo its completely different. In Aikido there is no competition and hence no 'winning' or 'losing'! In Aikido we strive to develop the skills to provide a controlled response to any physical attack and the development of ones spirit.

If there is no competition how does one grow and improve?

Kids grow and develop as they are tested at each grading level. The testing is both a demonstration of their mastery of Aikido movements and is a way for them to show off their skills. Testing is done with a partner and as they progress becomes more and more challenging and builds up their skills progressively, and eventually will include freestyle attacks and counters called jiyu-waza/randori.

Added Benefits

  • Aikido is a great way to have your kids expend some energy! They may even want to take a nap afterwards!
  • Aikido will compliment your childs other sport skills!
  • Learn Japanese! Classes use counting and terminology in Japaneses throughout, and the Shodan(blackbelt) test is completely in Japanese!